Lightweight, easy-to-use machine with easy maintenance for professional use. It replaces the TW125 PH with a number of enhancements: a new type of double-sided blades, an advanced machine design, an open top for easy feeding of trunks with large branches.



Main advantages:

  • Gasoline engine Honda 22 HP,
  • Max material diameter: 152 mm,
  • Weight 608 kg,
  • Knives: 2 easily accessible double-sided knives,
  • Filling hole 160x160 mm,
  • Easily accessible central lubrication points,
  • Average chip size: 15 mm.


  • Feeding: two pressure rollers with automatic feed control,
  • Maximum power: 3.5 t / h,
  • A rotary discharge funnel in the range of 270 degrees,
  • Hour counter,
  • Tank capacity: 18 l,
  • Average fuel consumption: 4 l / h,
  • Rotor diameter: 515 mm,
  • Rotor speed: 1908 rpm.

Dimensions and weight:

Type Length Width Height Weight
 Timberwolf TW 160PH 2935 mm 1266 mm 2108 mm 608 kg

Watch the video for Timberwolf 160PH chipper.


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